Dmitry Bartoshevich

Hi, I'm a marketing consultant and brand strategist from Minsk, Belarus.
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Dmitry Bartoshevich, portrait


Dmitry Bartoshevich, portrait

Professional marketer with 17+ years of experience in marketing, brand and project management. For the last 8 years I've been working as an independent marketing consultant.

Expertise in areas

  • Branding
  • Strategic Marketing
  • Client Relationship Management


  • I'm prequalified by the European Bank for Reconstruction and Development.
  • Work experience on client and marketing agency side in Belarus, Russia and Kazakhstan.

Pro Bono

Wrote over 70 professional articles, where I share ideas, observations and experience.

Key projects


With Hörmann, I went from creating the brand platform and setting up all the marketing activity to being awarded "Brand #1"


last 5 positions

Marketing Consultant. Entrepreneur

Clients I’ve been lucky to work with: Hörmann, Flex-n-Roll, EGO-ART, Danone, Giperlink, Termium and others

2015 - present

Brown’s Manufactory (Belarus)


2013 - 2014

GetPoint (Russia)

Business Development Director

2012 - 2013

Pro-Trade (Belarus)

Head of Marketing Department

2011 - 2012

The Nielsen Company

Team Leader (Belarus) → Client Director (Kazakhstan)

2005 - 2009


  • Client experience

    I start developing a marketing strategy only after learning clients' experiences. I love working with research agencies, but do my own research as well. I was one of the first in Belarus who publicly promoted the Customer Journey Map methodology.

  • Brand platform

    Without it, marketing turns into a rat race. If the company doesn't have it, I develop it. And when it's there, I make sure that every marketers' activity (site, ads, promo, etc) validates and reinforces the platform.

  • Trust

    A marketer's job is to develop trust. That's why I avoid all questionable practices and consumer deception.


Belarusian State University

The Faculty of Philosophy and Social Science

1997 - 2002

Belarusian State Economic University

Higher School of Business and Management

2010 - 2013

  • "Neuromarketing" at Neurotrend
  • "Customised Research Orientation Program" at Nielsen
  • "Market Research and Consumer Behavior" at IE Business School
  • "Digital Skills: Social Media" at Accenture
  • "Digital Skills: Digital Marketing" at Accenture
  • "Analytical Process Training" at Nielsen
  • "Account Management" at Nielsen
  • "People Management Skills Program" at Nielsen
  • "Strategic Mediaplanning" at First Media School
  • "Brand Platform Creating" at AIDAPioneer
  • "Team Building" at Ambition
  • "General English" at International House
  • "HTML, CSS and JavaScript" at RS School


I'm pre-qualificated by European Bank for Reconstruction and Development to provide marketing advisory service to enterprises through projects supported by the EBRD in Belarus.

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